No Meat on Friday

Why do we, as Catholics, not eat meat on a Friday? We are encouraged to live our Faith in public ways.

For our Catholic community, Friday is recognised as a day of 'sorrow' - a penitential day; as though every Friday was a 'Good Friday'.

This year we are asked to live out our Faith through a simple act of penance - by not eating meat on a Friday! Read the full letter.


Is your child registered for Free School Meals but not taking them?

You could be missing out on what you're entitled to.  You could save nearly £10 per child per week - that's around £300 a year!

It's easy to claim Free School Meals - call your local council office or talk to Mrs Duke (telephone our school number: 353641)

For more information visit:

Or read the information letter below

Pupil Premium and Free School Meals

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