At St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that every member of our school community should have their opinions heard. This involves giving children the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings relating to matters of school, as well as preparing them to take on and meet challenges they may encounter outside of school. At St. Bernadette’s, pupils are able to voice their opinions and be involved with school matters and events through the Pupil Voice.


What is the Pupil Voice?

The Pupil Voice is a group of elected pupils who are committed to making sure the opinions and views of all pupils at St. Bernadette’s are heard. The Pupil Voice is made up of two representatives from each class from Years 1 through 6, with the Year 5 and 6 representatives being involved with our Reception class. These individuals are selected through a whole class election process in the first term of school each year. They work alongside fellow pupils and staff to help make improvements to the school, lead special event and awareness days and promote an eco-friendly school life.

What do the Pupil Voice Representatives do?

The Pupil Voice Representatives (PVRs) meet on a Friday morning on a bi-weekly basis to discuss school matters and upcoming theme days and events. It is within the role of the PVRs to feedback to their class what has been discussed and to voice any opinions that there class has.

Duties of a Pupil Voice Representative

  • To collect suggestions from your class on how to improve our school and bring these to the meetings
  • Participate in school events, theme days and initiatives (this includes the build-up, preparation and informing the class)
  • Help to generate action plans in the execution of events
  • Take part in a variety of activities designed to develop and improve St. Bernadette’s
  • Communicate with pupils and staff
  • Feedback to your class regularly on what the PVRs are doing.

What qualities do you need to have to become a Pupil Voice Representative?

It is important to remember that anyone from a class can become a representative for their class. However, there are some qualities that a representative must have in order to complete the job effectively:

  • Committed
  • Caring
  • Good Communicator
  • Motivated
  • Team player
  • Inspiring
  • Well organised
  • Punctual
  • Innovative


Why should you become a Pupil Voice Representative?

Becoming a PVR allows you the opportunity to make a real difference to your school and your community. You get to take part in fun projects that can really improve the life of our school and the experiences of its community. You also get to work as part of a team, which helps strengthen your social and leadership skills. You can improve your confidence by speaking in front of others, including adults, ad have the opportunity to present your ideas during whole school assemblies.

Our Pupil Voice Representatives: Academic Year 2022 – 2023


Pupil Voice Representatives

Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



Year 6




Safer Internet Day

Here are our reps creating some posters in preparation for Safer Internet Day for Tuesday 7th February. Our whole school will take part in this event on the day with a focus on Online Life.







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