In St Bernadette's, we have had a wonderful book week.

The children came back to school dressed in their pajamas and favourite cuddly toy for book at bed time. Parents were treated to refreshments in the Hall whilst their children enjoyed a milky drink and wonderful bedtime stories. 

The children have been involved in book swap, a book worm competition, Scholastic Book Fair and on Thursday all of the children were put into house teams and then went around the different classes participating in an assortment activities. For example, in Reception the children were involved in characterisation; it was great to see the children being so confident and creative with their stories and illustrations. In Year 2, the children role played their favourite characters from traditional tales; budding actors in the making! In Year 1, the children designed their own blurb and book cover; some great ideas for future publications! In Year 6, children were very creative taking part in the 'Whose suitcase could this be' game; here the children had to discover and write about who the suitcase might belong to. The children really enjoyed trying on the different objects hidden within the suitcase. In Year 4, the children were invited to use their senses to motivate them to write a story; the smells and delights from Year 4 were a treat, especially the garlic! In year 5, they were all going wild! Very apt, connected to 'Where the Wild Things Are.' 

We are looking forward to the climax to our week, dressing up day on Friday! Look out for the weird and wonderful creations!