"The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, but one who asks the right questions." Claude Lévi-Strauss


What does Science look like at St Bernadette’s?


At St Bernadette’s, we aim for children to be passionate scientists with excitement and curiosity about the world around them.

In Science, children are encouraged to be inquisitive of scientific ideas through exploring and asking pertinent questions. Children are given the opportunity to carry out scientific investigations and build on their working scientifically skills by learning to explore, problem solve, observe, predict, think and make decisions about the world around them. They will explore creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments and develop enquiring minds so that they are increasingly able to research answers to their own questions. Learning about Science is done through first hand experiences with the appropriate use of secondary sources, such as books, photographs and videos. Children are immersed in scientific vocabulary, which is taught across the curriculum through practical activities, discussion and through texts.


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Year 5 Tim Harford Trip

Year 5 were lucky enough to be offered an exciting opportunity to attend an event run by the Ogden Trust where they watched an exciting live science show presented by Tim Harford, Sunday Times number one selling author, BBC Radio 4 presenter of more or less and author of Undervocer Economist. The children even got presented with a signed copy of his new book 'The Truth Detective'. What an exciting day!



Year 6 Sciathalon

Well done to four Year 6 children who represented the school in a Sciathalon for Science Week. They completed challenges around engineering and scientific knowledge whilst having to work as a team.  A super job!





Ogden Trust Planetarium

St Bernadette's are lucky enough to have a strong relationship with the Ogden Trust, a science education organisation. In July, 52 pupils from across Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to attend a science workshop, led by Lancaster University. The event was hosted by Montgomery High School. 

Spending time in a real planetarium enabled pupils to experience the first moon landing, the solar system, the constellation of the stars and how a trip to Mars might look. The special effects were spectacular. Children were then shown into the science laboratories and had hands-on experience with a number of practical experiments, such as: liquid nitrogen, levitation, the Van de Graaf generator, how to create an orbiting solar system with marbles and physics and much more! 

Our budding scientists were a credit to St Bernadette's!





































Y6 - Electricity

During their work on electricity, Year 6 not only planned and built working circuits but also were set a challenge of identifying why particular circuits were not working. They learned key words and symbols to use in their scientific observations and conclusions and made reference to the work of Edison, Franklin and Volta. Cross-curricular links were made here as pupils could research these inventors in order to write a biography which could then be shared with others.



Mini Scientists
We arranged skittles around the outside of a plate and poured warm water into the middle. Because the sweets are coated in sugar, the sugar dissolved into the warm water and the colours mixed together.




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