“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” -  Albert Einstein


What does mathematics look like at St. Bernadette’s?


At St. Bernadette’s, we promote a positive, can-do mind-set where we expect to learn from mistakes. As a staff, we have high expectations of children and a belief that all children can succeed. We carefully design lessons to ensure all children access rich, problem solving tasks, applying the mastery principles of coherence, variation, representation and structure, mathematical thinking and fluency. Children are provided with enjoyable and engaging tasks that build skills and allow misconceptions to be diagnosed. There are regular opportunities for children to talk mathematically, using accurate mathematical vocabulary. Concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations help learners to uncover and articulate mathematical structure. We provide opportunities for greater depth of understanding and challenge, primarily through problem-solving and reasoning activities. Activities are planned to support fluency in a range of mental strategies and retention of key calculation strategies and key vocabulary. Children make links to mathematics in science and foundation subjects and we use Times Table Rockstars to support retention of multiplication facts. To facilitate children to know more and remember more, key concepts run through the whole of our mathematics curriculum and opportunities to revisit previous learning are explicitly planned.

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Maths Parent Workshop

Click here to download the KS2 Maths workshop PowerPoint


Year 6 - 3D Shape
Year 6 used their knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes to draw nets (enabling them to apply measuring skills and 2D shapes) and worked in teams to complete a tower-building challenge where accuracy was crucial to the success of their construction.

Year 6: 3D Shape




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