‘Reading and writing cannot be separated. Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out,’  Pam Allyn

(American literacy expert and author)


What does English look like at St Bernadette’s?


At St Bernadette’s, English teaching and learning lies at the heart of the curriculum. Being able to read, write and communicate, opens doors and lifts barriers to learning for children and will enable them to flourish and grow as they progress through primary school and into their future education and adult lives.

We provide a high-quality English curriculum that encourages children to develop a love of reading and writing as well as learning the skills they need to communicate effectively. Our curriculum teaches the children the skills and knowledge that will enable them to speak and write fluently and to communicate and express their ideas, views and emotions to others effectively and creatively and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them.


  • To read fluently with intonation, expression and accuracy.
  • To develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information.
  • To develop a knowledge of a range of authors and poets from different cultural heritages.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of texts through a range of reading skills, including: predicting, inference, summarising and connecting ideas
  • To apply reading skills to develop understanding when reading a text.
  • To write legibly and fluently.
  • To know and be able to apply a range of spelling strategies.
  • To acquire a vast range of rich vocabulary to apply in their own writing.
  • To write grammatically accurate sentences using a range of punctuation.
  • To plan, edit and redraft a piece of writing.
  • To enjoy creative writing for a range of audiences and purposes.
  • To confidently use speaking and listening skills through discussion, explanation and debate.


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