“The internet is not just one thing, it’s a collection of things – of numerous communications networks that all speak the same digital language” – James H Clark


“Access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need for education in our society” – Kent Conrad


What does Computing look like at St. Bernadette’s?


Our Computing curriculum aims to teach children about the purpose and safe usage of technology and the Internet, and to begin to prepare them for a future centred around technology and digital information. Our pupils will explore practical applications of computing, developing their creativity, problem solving skills and an understanding of their online presence. Children are encouraged to explore new programs and technologies, share ideas and support each other in their learning. Children will use their digital literacy skills to manipulate desktop publishing programs, learn to code through block coding and codable devices. Computing lends itself well to cross curricular links, particularly with RSHE, mathematics, science, and design and technology. Children will explore aspects of computing across the subjects taught at St. Bernadette’s through photography, recording and presenting data.


At St. Bernadette's, we predominantly use Purple Mash as a means of  accessing the curriculum and children are encouraged to use the site at home. In KS2, each class is given a Microsoft Office program as part of their Information Technology unit.


Computing Documents

Our School's Subscribed Sites

Our subscribed sites (details should be in your child’s diary)

Purple Mash

Classbased Education City #parenthub — Sutton School




Online Advice for Parents / Carers

ThinkUKnow - online scares and what to do - How to speak to a child about online challenges and scares.

SaferInternet - information about online safety

Tips and Advice from National Online Safety


Online Safety tips for CHILDREN

What you need to know about AGE RATINGS

Be kind online

Below are some links to information about popular games and social media apps

What parents need to know about AMONG US

What parents need to know about ROBLOX

What parents need to know about TIKTOK

What parents need to know about INSTAGRAM

What parents need to know about MINECRAFT

Year 3 - Coding

Year 3 have recently began to learn about coding through code.org as part of their Computing curriculum. The children will continue to work on their assigned unit, covering key vocabulary, creating their own lines of code (using blocks) and identifying and fixing errors in lines of code (debugging). Code.org is free to use, and does not require registration. The website also hosts Hour of Code sessions for children, or adults, to work on projects and develop their understanding of coding, through game play across a variety of themes.

Here you can see some of Year 3 working to debug some lines of code and help Scrat reach the food.

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