This year, our anti-bullying team will continue their roles from the previous year. Each class have two representatives and our aim is to help develop and maintain a happy and inclusive environment in our school:

Year 1 - to be appointed

Year 2 - Addison and Orla

Year 3 - Archie G and Darci

Year 4 - Marcel and Brooke

Year 5 - Phillipa and Oliver

Year 6 - Harry and Jessica

Academic Year 2020/21

Odd Socks Day

We took part in Odd Socks Day again this year. The day is aimed at celebrating and showing differences, and understanding that our differences is what makes us unique. Being unique is what we all have in common, and is something we can share with everyone.

This year, we were able to raise £114.80 towards the the Anti-Bullying Alliance charity to help support them in all the work they do across England. Thank you to everyone who contributed, the support will go towards helping many children and young people.

Fundraising Certificate - Odd Socks Day.

Below you can see some of our pictures from the day.

Odd Socks Day










Academic Year 2019/20

Last year, 2019/20 we worked on ideas for what the reps can do during lunch and break times to help other children in school. Here are some of our ideas:

- help children who are up-set with someone

- find friends for people to play with

- try to help when people fall out, but let an adult know

- help people to understand what bullying is and how they can stop it.


Useful Websites and links:

Kid Scape

Be Kind Online

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