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Year 5 2022-2023

Year 5 Documents


Our Prayers


DT – Structures


Year 5 were tasked with designing and making a bridge out of different materials. We researched different types of bridges and used these as a guide to our designs. They then worked in pairs to build their bridge using nails, glue and sawing the wood to the correct measurements.




Trip to Hoghton Tower 

Year 5 visited Hoghton Tower as part of their history unit, The Tudors. They braved very cold rooms as they took a tour around the fortified house, learning about its history and some of its famous visitors including William Shakespeare. In the afternoon, they went under the grand house to see the tunnels and cells where the witches were kept before trial and listened to the ghost story of 'Angry Pete'. They had a fabulous time and their behaviour was brilliant! 




Using sketchbooks is an important part of art. It allows the artist to record their ideas, their thinking, their evaluations, their experimentation, as well as their individuality. The children were finding different ways to create a dragon’s eye, experimenting with different media including pastel chalk, watercolour and felt-tips.



Science Investigation – Irreversible Materials


Year 5 investigated whether all materials have the same reaction when mixed together. They used bicarbonate of soda, washing soda and baking powder with lemon juice, vinegar and water and observed the reactions.





Science Investigation – Grouping Materials

Year 5 investigated grouping materials in different ways using their known properties – hard, soft, magnetic, flexible and metal were some of the properties. They then found a second way to group the same materials and discussed what they had found out writing a conclusion to their investigation.

Fairy Cakes

As part of our instruction writing unit, the children made fairy cakes. Using the language and layout features of instructions they produced their own written recipe. They thoroughly enjoyed making the cakes…and eating them!




Year 5 took part in a yoga session and engaged well with the instructor who showed them a range of poses to stretch their body and help them relax.





Denise from HSBC came to visit to tell the children all about banking, household budgets and pocket money. She also brought in real notes for the children to handle – they especially liked the £50 note!








Wild Boar Park


Prayer and Liturgy

This is the Prayer and Liturgy display for our classroom. During our daily prayers, it is our focus to remind us that Jesus is always present. This term we are focusing on Pentecost. This is the time when the disciples received the Holy Spirit so they could go out into the world and spread the Good News to all people.

Y5 Prayer and Liturgy


Jubilee Day

What a wonderful day! Year 5, along with the staff and children of the school celebrated in spectacular style with a street party for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We made party crowns and patriotic place mats for lunch. The school was a sea of red, white and blue.















The sun shone, we had picnic boxes and were treated to ice-cream. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Her Majesty even put in an appearance! Congratulations Ma’am!

Jubilee 2






















Dissecting Flowers

This term we are learning about the reproduction of animals and plants. The children learnt how flowers reproduce through pollination and fertilisation. They learnt the names of the male and female parts of the flower and then dissected a flower so they could identify the different parts.

Dissecting Flowers







St Bernadette’s Feast Day

Year 5 celebrated St Bernadette’s Feast Day along with the school. During the day, the children drew beautiful portraits of St Bernadette and wrote prayers to ask her to help all those who are sick. After a busy day, they were treated to a well-earned ice cream, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

St Bernadette's Feast Day







Holy Week

Holy Week is a very special time in the Christian calendar and for the staff and children at St Bernadette’s. Following on from Year 3 and Year 4’s assemblies of Palm Sunday and The Last Supper, Year 5 and Year 6 celebrate mass with the Parish and act out the Stations of the Cross. The children read and depicted the stations reverently and as always created a moving service.


Learning Journals

As part of our homework, Year 5 work on a task in a Learning Journal. They research a topic such as British Monuments, The Tower of London, a famous river or Highwaymen. They produce a report in imaginative ways in words and pictures. They work hard to produce work of a very high standard and will include fun facts, lift the flaps and photographs. They all look amazing!

Learning Journals







Konnie Huq

Year 5 were treated to a visit to St Mary’s, as part of Science Week, to meet Konnie Huq. She is best known as the longest serving Blue Peter presenter and she is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust and the British Asian Trust. She published her first children’s book, Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World, in 2019 and she has now published a third adventure, Cookie and the Most Mysterious Mystery in the World. The children had a wonderful day and enjoyed volunteering for some of Konnie’s science experiments.

Konnie Huq














World Book Day

Year 5 got into the swing of things on World Book Day, dressing to impress as their favourite book character and taking part in a range of book day activities.

Year 5 - World Book Day













Science Investigation 1 – Reversible/Irreversible Materials

The children carried out an investigation to see if the following materials – chocolate, egg, wax, salt water, ice, butter, dough – to see if when heated they were reversible or irreversible materials. The children worked really well and recorded the results understanding that they needed to follow the health and safety rules.

Y5 Tealights















Science Investigation 2 – Reversible/Irreversible Materials

This was a second experiment to investigate reversible and irreversible materials. The children observed the reactions when different materials were mixed together and recorded the results as well as writing what they observed. They were excited when they watched some of the materials fizz up and over the containers they were in.

Y5 Fizzing


















Year 5 have been working hard on their endurance skills – squatting, shadow boxing, skipping, lunges, bench presses and relay. They were exhausted at the end but enjoyed the carousel of activities.

Year 5 Endurance Skills


















Drawing skills are an integral part of art. Year 5 are developing their drawing skills by drawing the missing half of leaves and extending natural forms. They used a range of pencil grades from soft to hard to enhance their drawings.

Y5 Sketchbooks















Instruction Writing

As part of Year 5’s English unit on instruction writing, they made fairy cakes. They then followed this up by writing the step by step instructions making sure they could be followed by a different audience. They also included tips to make sure the cakes were successful!

Y5 Baking









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