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Year 4 Class Prayers

Here are all the prayers that we say within Y4.  Some may be added at different times, but please help your child to know these.  Thank you. 

Y4 Prayers


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Purple Mash 

Times Tables Rock Stars

Maths Frame - Maths games for KS2

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Spelling Frame - Spelling games for all year groups

Hit the Button

Year 4 2021-2022


Bring Yer Wellies!

What an amazing day we have had! We travelled to near to Houghton Tower to Bring Yer Wellies where we had a brilliant day with Melissa and Nigel. We played on their indoor beach, listened to a talk on how important plants are and the role we can play to help. After going on a 'smelly walk', we potted oregano and spearmint plants (which we brought home) and then we were allowed lunch! In the afternoon, we recycled our rubbish, did some pond dipping and indented creatures from leeches to froglets! Mrs KP even managed to catch a newt in her net! Then we built dens, had a race, and completed a treasure hunt, making everyone proud of how well we worked in teams. Our final actvity was an assault course which included jumping and ribbiting like a frog and completing the water walk! A jam-packed day so please ask us all about it!


Sports Day 2022

Warning! There are a lot of photos - Mrs Huggard took her role of official photographer very seriously. I feel incredibly proud of the children in how they behaved and performed during all the Sports Day events. My event was totalling up the scores which was made harder by how brilliant the class were! Well done to everyone and thank you to family and friends for coming to support and cheer on the children.


Science Talk - Electricity

We were very lucky today to go to Blackpool Sixth Form to be part of the Ogden Trust partnership event. We watched a really exciting live science show presented by BBC's Marty Jopson. It was absolutely inspiring and there were plenty of electrifying moments!


Commonwealth Baton

We helped to pass on the Commonwealth Baton as it travels across Blackpool today!


Class Mass - New Life and Serving

Today was our class mass and we focused on New Life and Serving, relating it to our work on Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. We sang hymns and songs, gave readings and also shared some of our work from class. It was so lovely to be able to share it with our families too. Mrs KP was very proud of us especially at how respectful we were throughout.


Jubilee Celebrations!

What an amazing day we have had celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  We spent time this morning learning about Queen Elizabeth II, singing the Platinum Jubilee song 'Our Queen', creating our own crowns & placemats for the special lunch, and collaborating together to write our own prayer for her too.  

Then we were able to join together as a school and have a celebratory lunch outside.  Our Jubilee Lunch Boxes were yummy, the playlist of songs from the last 70yrs was brilliant and then we were able to play lots of different games and spend time outside with our friends.

As an extra treat, we had yummy ice-cream from Manfredi and a very special visitor made an appearance too.  Mrs. Satterthwaite and school bought us each a keepsake medal which were able to take home to remember this very unique and special occasion.  


Art - Clay sculptures

We linked our 3D Art unit to our English work on The Firework-Maker's Daughter, by designing and sculpting a mythical creature that could feature in the story.  We were learning new techniques for sculpting clay: rolling a ball, pulling & pinching with fingers, rolling a snake, creating holes & hollows, smoothing clay with fingers, adding features, creating textures with tools and attaching clay pieces together.  We enjoyed creating our creatures - see what you think...


Maths - Money!

We have used our decimal work when looking at the topic of money! We have been converting between £ and p as well and solving money problems.  If you need any change, just ask!


Geography - Countries of Europe

Our learning journal homework piece for this half term linked with our Geography topic - Europe.  We each had to chose a country and create a non-chronological report, sharing the facts we had researched, drawing flags and landmarks.  We then created a gallery of them in the classroom for us to wander through and read.  Some of us were happy to give a mini-presentation to the whole class too. 

Some great work Y4 - well done.


Science - Investigating a habitat

As part of our science topic on Living Things and their Habitats, we investigated the Forest School area in terms of a habitat for wildlife.  We were very careful not to disturb the creatures and place them back where we found them.  Woodlice, worms, spiders, ants and centipedes were the most popular but not one ladybird!!


Drama - Freeze frames to tell a story

Today we used freeze frames to re-enact the extract from The Firework-Maker's Daughter. We then had to decide in our groups how Lila would escape and create a freeze frame for it.  The rest of the class had to guess our predictions.  We cam up with some brilliant ideas and we will have to wait to see how Phillip Pullman writes her escape in our next lesson! You can ask us about our predictions from our photos.


Stained Glass Window & Prayer Area

We have created a stained glass window to display our Gospel Values within the class.  We aim to live out these values every day: forgiveness, peace, love, happiness, respect, kindness & friendship.

We have also adapted our prayer area as we are in Eastertide. 

Mini-Olympics May 2022

We were invited to St Mary's to work with their staff and pupils and take part in a Mini-Olympics!  We were split into 3 groups and we each had a turn at dance, handball and athletics.  We really enjoyed the afternoon and we want to play handball now in the MUGA at playtime and we were awesome at teamwork in both handball and athletics.  One of the class even said that they didn't know they enjoyed dance until today.  Lots of individual wins and overall, we came second!! Silver medals for all.  


St Bernadette's Day 2022

Our morning was spent learning about the life of St Bernadette and then we wrote about the lessons that we can learn from her.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed our special treat of ice-cream (thank you!).  It was lovely to be able to sit outside with the school.


RE reflections

After our prayer and liturgy time this morning, we looked again at our prayer area and the Lenten Promises we made.  As it was the end of our unit on Self Discipline and giving, we have spent time looking at the events of Holy Week.  Today we finished off by discussing the events of Easter Sunday.  We had lots of questions about it and we wanted to talk about our understanding.  We created an image that reflected Easter Sunday, considering the symbols, colours and words that we chose very carefully.  From these images we created Easter cards to take home.


Last Forest School

We have had our last session with Mrs. Topping.  As a celebration we had hot chocolate and then toasted marshmallows over the fire pit and made our own s'mores (which were delicious)  We have loved exploring, role-playing, building, making, discovering, digging, planting and creating!




Stations of the Cross

We have enjoyed the discussions and reflections around the Stations of the Cross.  We thought carefully about what we wanted to include on our stations: Station 1 - Jesus is condemned to death and Station 10 - Jesus is stripped of his garments.  When we visited the Church, we were able to comment on the other stations that the other year groups had done and add our own thoughts to their pieces.


Science - Digestion

To finish off our unit on teeth and digestion we looked in more detail at what happens to our food when we eat.  We chose different items to represent different parts of our body and 'enjoyed' the process!


Our Spring Class Mass

Our class mass took place on Tuesday 8th March and was based around theme of community.  We shared our work from class and our own thoughts and ideas.  We made Mrs KP very proud.


Forest School

We have enjoyed den building, pancake making (and eating), ‘cooking’ in the mud kitchen and general gardening.


Elf Run

Today, we took part in the Elf Run to raise money for Brian House.  We had a wonderful time!  Thank you to the Year 6 'elves' for adding an extra layer of fun.




Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day, we gathered together as a school to remember those who have fought, died and were injured in the line of duty.  We also thought about those who are serving now and their families.  We reused plastic bottles to make our own poppies which we ‘planted’ in our school’s prayer garden.




Class Mass

Today, we celebrated our first class mass of the year.  We thought about how we can share God's love with others.  Worship, prayer and helping people are all ways we can make a positive difference.



Forest School

We are really enjoying our Forest School sessions as we are learning new skills each week and helping to develop and look after our school environment.







Year 4 2020-2021


Year 4 regularly login to Times Table Rockstars and play Hit the Button (Maths Frame) in order to help us learn the key multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12.  We also test ourselves using the Maths Frame Multiplication Tables Check online test.  We can independently use the outcomes of the assessment to plan our next steps in learning.




Learning Journals

Here are some of our homework pieces from our Learning Journals.  Mrs A sets us a question and we conduct research into the topic.  We present our findings in a range of interesting ways.






UEFA Euro 2021

In light of the Euro 2021 final held at Wembley Stadium, we decided to do some celebratory football related tasks today which included mindfulness colouring plus word search and anagram activities.  We will also be working with Blackpool Football Club Community Trust on their Fit2Go programme this afternoon.  What a day of fun sport related activities we will be completing!  We also enjoyed a couple of special treats...a non-uniform day and an ice lolly!




Bring Yer Wellies

On Friday 9th July, Year 4 went to Bring Yer Wellies in Hoghton near Preston.  It is an outdoor learning centre where children learn by engaging with nature.  We enjoyed learning about how to take care of plants and planting herbs which we brought home to look after.  Then, we did some pond dipping and identified the animals that we had caught.  After lunch, we launched cork boats for a series of races which was great fun!  Melissa also showed us her wormery which recycles fresh food waste into compost and fertiliser.  We had a wonderful time, learnt many new things and behaved well.



Afterwards, we wrote recounts about our wonderful visit to Bring Yer Wellies.  We purple polished them in order to edit and improve our work.


Here is an example:



3D modeling with clay

Year 4 researched a range of sculptures including the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park, USA, and The Angle of the North in Gateshead, England.  We learnt about their designers/sculptors and the materials they were made from.  We used modeling plasticine to practise the skills we would need.  We then designed and made our own sculptures from clay linked to the theme of mythical creatures.  We used a range of techniques including rolling, pinching, pulling, smoothing and adding detail using a range of methods.  Here are some of our creations:




Holy Week

Please click on the link to view our Holy Week video.


Stations of the Cross

Year 4 have been to our church to look at the Stations of the Cross - both the ones Fr Peter has been explaining to us and the ones we have worked together as a school to create.  The children behaved respectfully and were able to respond thoughtfully and in detail to all of the questions asked, showing that they had really listened to each of Father Peter's videos.  The children felt that the Stations of the Cross helped them to understand what happened to Jesus on his journey. 






Elf Run

Today we took part in our annual Elf Run to raise money for Brian House.  There were some elves causing trouble and obstacles we had to get around but we all had lots of fun.




Year 4 Textiles

User: a person of our choice from home

Purpose: a Christmas gift

Product: a money container


We began the unit by examining existing money containers in order to analyse and understand how products are made.  We created our design criteria.  Next, we learnt how to thread a needle, tie a knot, sew the back stitch or over stitch and make a button loop for a button.  We recorded our plans by drawing using annotated sketches and preparing pattern pieces as templates for our designs.  At each stage of the making process, we had to select from our bank of techniques.  During our evaluations, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of our design ideas in relation to the purpose and our user.  We carefully wrapped our finished product in the beautiful wrapping paper made by Year 5 – just in time for Christmas.



This term, we have been playing invasion games.  We have been applying our throwing, catching, attacking and defending skills within small-sided team games.  These have also given us the opportunity to work on our teamwork skills.




Instead of giving Christmas cards to each other, this year we are writing our Christmas wishes on a dove and placing them on the school Christmas tree for everyone to read.





Class Mass

Today, we celebrated our class mass in the hall.  We focused on Christ the King and the importance of helping others.  We signed rather than sang all of the hymns.



At the start of the year, we read and discussed a wonderful book called ‘In my heart’ by Jo Witek.  It is a celebration of all of our different feelings in words, pictures and colours.  This is the display we have created based on the book and we use it to help us to talk about how we are feeling about different things that happen.




During our electricity topic, we have been constructing simple series circuits.  We have learnt how to find faults in them by methodically testing connections and components.  We can recognise some common conductors and insulators and know that a switch opens and closes a circuit.  We have really enjoyed this topic!





We are currently working on Digital Literacy learning objectives and many of these focus using technology respectfully, responsibly and safely.  We used the ‘How secure is my password’ website to test our password ideas.  We then drew up a list of ‘top tips’ for secure passwords.  They must

  1. Have at least eight characters.
  2. Contain a mixture of letters, symbols and numbers.
  3. Use upper and lower-case letters.
  4. Be changed regularly.
  5. Be kept private.


Esther Mahlangu

We have been learning about the life and work of Esther Mahlangu.  She is an artist who uses bold colours and geometric patterns in her unique and colourful paintings. 





Wednesday 11th November: Remembrance Day

Today, we remembered all of the people who have fought and died in wars and conflicts across the world.  We made poppies to ‘plant’ in our prayer garden, said prayers and reflected during our two minute silence.  We will remember them.







Year 4 2019-2020

Year 4 - Art: Kente

Year 4 have just begun a new art topic.  We have investigated Kente cloth from Ghana and considered the use of bold, bright colours and geometric patterns.  We have learned to weave paper and are so pleased with the results.  We will now think about how to apply what we have learned to making our own wall hanging out of material.  What this space for our results!


Year 4- Art & DT - Light Up Signs

We investigated a range of light up signs and explored their purposes.  We applied our knowledge of circuits from our science lessons to create our own light up signs for different areas in school – from the entrance to prayer areas and to the library. 


Y4 - Spring 2020 World Book Day
What a wonderful array of different book characters Year 4 have come as!  


Anglo-Saxon Timeline

We have many challenge areas within our classroom.  These help us to build upon the learning taking place in lessons.  At the moment, in our history area, we have an Anglo-Saxon timeline of key events and figures. 

Reading Area

Year 4 have recently renovated our reading area.  We have selected  a wide range of interesting books which are linked to the curriculum topics we are currently studying.  These are changed each half term so that we always have something new and relevant to read.  We also some new, comfortable seating, a canopy and some questions to help focus our reading and discussions.


Vocabulary Jar

In Year 4, we are always trying to extend our vocabulary.  When we encounter challenging new words, they are defined, used within the subject or topic and then placed in the vocabulary jar.  We revisit them on a regular basis and are encourage to use them accurately within our written work.



We have been investigating textiles in D.T..  Our user was a person of our choice from home.  Our purpose and product revolved around making something to contain money safely as a Christmas present.  We have all been very excited about this and have been keen to work through each step: investigating, learning new skills, planning, making a template, cutting out a pattern, making and evaluating.  Now all we need to do is wrap them!  



As we prepare for Christmas during the season of Advent, we have been writing Advent promises.  These range from special intentions for our prayers to ways we can help others both at home and within our community.  We are also collecting our spare change for CAFOD and aim to purchase a 'World Gift'.


Fit2Go Quiz

On Monday 4th November, nine children from Year 4 represented our class at the annual Fit2Go quiz.  There were lots of activities to complete including a warm up dance, filling in missing words, a 'quick fire' quiz and sorting food into categories. We had to use the knowledge from the Fit2Go programme, delivered by BFC Community Trust, to answer the questions.  We worked really well as a team and Mrs C said our behaviour was fantastic!


Piet Mondrian

Year 4 have been researching the artist Piet Mondrian and producing work inspired by his use of lines and colours.  We used the primary colours to mix secondary and tertiary colours.  Our artwork is now on display in our classroom and many parents have been into look at our creativity during our 'Meet the Teacher' evenings!


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