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Year 3: 2022 - 2023

Year 3: 2021 - 2022

Summer Term

Mini-Projects: Summer

Once more, Year 3 have really proven themselves with their research and creative ideas to showcase what they have learnt. We had an amazing collection of posters about plants and Roman life, an abundance of Roman shields and weapons, including a life-size model spear. We were even treated to a small-scale replica model of the Colosseum in Rome!

Design & Technology: Fruit Flapjacks

After sampling a simple flapjack, the children were tasked with planning and making a healthier, fruitier flapjack from a collection of fruits offered. The children were given a simple recipe to follow and adapt for their flapjacks, were in charge of measuring ingredients and making their flapjacks.

Open Air Mass – St. Mary’s High School

Children recently attended an open-air Mass at St. Mary’s High school. It was a lovely, sunny day to come together to share and celebrate our faith. The Mass was attended by many Catholic schools in Blackpool, all making their own contributions to the Mass. Our contribution was the offertory and the children also created a piece of art to represent Corpus Christi.



Year 3 Mass – Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Earlier this week, Year 3 lead their class Mass on the theme of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost. This was the first time since Covid-19 that the children has led a Mass with their family present. They read and sang beautifully.


Ribchester Roman Museum (Educational Visit)

Year 3 had an amazing experience at the Roman Museum in Ribchester. The curator was very impressed with what they children already knew about Roman life, why they invaded and other bits of sticky information. The children were very excited to handle real artefacts, try on replica Roman armour and explore the museum filled with additional artefacts. Check out our pictures below!

Spring Term

St. Bernadette’s Feast Day

Last week, we celebrated the Feast of St. Bernadette. In class, we learnt about St. Bernadette’s childhood, her visions of the Blessed Mother Mary and how she dedicated her life to God. We created our own framed grotto pieces of art as a keep sake and to remind us these extraordinary events. Afterwards, we celebrated with ice-cream and extra play with the rest of the school!

Lent and Stations of the Cross

In R.E we have been learning about the season of Lent and Easter. At the start of the unit we gathered together to discuss what people do during Lent and we made our own Lentern Promises. During Holy Week, we visited St Bernadette’s Church to see every classes’ reflection and to remind ourselves of the events of Good Friday.

Our reflections were Station 11, Jesus is nailed to the Cross, and Station 12, Jesus dies on the Cross.

Design and Technology: Structures

As part of our D.T unit on free-standing structures, Year 3 explored a range of free-stranding objects, what makes them stand and had a go at making their own free-standing structure. They then went on to design, make and evaluate their on photograph frames; using wood and tools to create their final products.

Spring 2 – Mini-Projects

Take a look at the projects Year 3 have completed at home, with a focus on Pre-history (Stone Age to Iron Age) and Magnets. Each half term the children bring in their projects with great excitement, ready to show case what they have done.

The Iron Man

This half term, Year 3 will be using the text The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Children created their own visualisations of the Iron Man based on the opening of chapter 1, focusing on the descriptive language used by the author and what they have already experienced with robots. Just take a look at these amazing pieces of cross-curricular work.

Spring 1 – Mini-Projects

Such an amazing collection of Mini-Projects from the children this week. With an array of volcanoes, home-made fossils, fact-files and explanations about volcanoes and the rock cycle, as well as some well-built and stylish free-standing structures. There was a lot of excitement when those who had made volcanoes took the opportunity to erupt them.

We even received this video from a young, up-and-coming scientist demonstrating a volcanic eruption.

Science – Rocks and Soils

Children have enjoyed leaning about rocks and getting hands on with different types and specimens of rocks. So far we have learnt about different types of rocks and explored ways of how we can group rocks based on visible and tactile properties, and grouping them based on investigations into permeability  durability and density. More importantly, children have demonstrated a genuine interest in this unit; sharing what they know and have at home.  

Forest School

Take a look at our Forest School photos to get a sense of the opportunities Year 3 have to learn more about the outdoors, plants and nature. The mud pit / pond is particularly popular, along with (supervised) fire starting. Photos will be updated regularly.

Autumn Term

Elf Run – 2021

The elves of Year 3 enjoyed taking part in the Elf-run this year, kindly led by Year 6 pupils. It was lovely to see the children’s excitement and participation. Take a look at the action shots below!

Autumn 2 – Mini-Projects

What an amazing collection of mini-projects Year 3 have been working on this half-term. The collection included food from around the world, collages (include a very powerful one to do with pollution), information texts, climate boxes and food diagrams. We even had a few terrariums! Hopefully, you will be able to bring the same plant in for the summer projects to show how well you have cared for your plant.


Henri Matisse - Collages

Take a look at some of Year 3's collage work, inspired by Henri Matisse. The children have learnt about the artist, as well as how he created his shapes, and the different styles of shapes he used in his work. Can you spot the use of: geometric shapes, repeating shapes, stylised shapes, negative shapes or organic shapes? What about the skills of layering, tearing, drawing with scissors and colour?

Autumn 1 Mini-Projects

The children have clearly taken their time to research and create their project pieces! The classroom was a buzz as children shared their work and learning, asking questions and exploring what other children had created. We had a range of projects come in, from working toy models to large posters to model homes and long write-ups. We even had some pieces of primary evidence with a family photograph and a Victorian Coin!


We are Researchers!

After reading and listening to a selection of biographies on Mozart, Queen Victoria, Captain Sir Tom Moore and Ellie Goulding the Year 3s have now become researchers. They have been researching information about Marcus Rashford in preparation for writing their own short biographies about him and his life. More pictures to come!


Science – Skeletons and Movement

Children have been exploring the skeletal system and have enjoyed learning the names of different bones within the body, their function as well as what life could be like without bones. Children have enjoyed building skeletons and trying to match pieces of bones to where they think they would be within the human body. Watch this space to see how we explore our learning further over the course of this half term.

Graffiti maths

Check out some of Year 3’s work on representing numbers to 100! Children were fully engaged with showing what they know about a 2-digit number, and using manipulatives effectively and confidently. The children particularly enjoyed the graffiti aspect of the lesson.


Year 3: 2020 - 2021

Summer 2021

Beacon Fell (Forest School Experience)

The children thoroughly enjoyed their time at Beacon Fell, spending time in the outdoors under the shade of the tall pine trees. The children started their day with a guided walk up the to the summit and learnt about Foxlgloves, the impact of the Beast from the East, and we saw some of the wooden structures. Afterwards, the children took part in small group activities to build dens to protect them from wind and water. To their surprise, and the adults' delight, these shelters were then tested by adult throwing a small bucket of water on the top of the shelter. A little after 12 (noon) we stopped for a quick lunch, then we played some more team games, did a short scavenger hunt and played hiding game. We finished our day with a little play on the park before coming back to school.